First page Relocating to the UK

Life in UK

Money in the UK
We will help you to open a bank account to pay your wages into and before you leave your country we will provide you with information about how much it will cost to live in the town you'll be working in so you know how much money you need to bring with you.

Housing options
We will find accommodation to suit your needs and your budget so that you will have somewhere safe and comfortable to stay as soon as you arrive in the UK.

Registration in the UK
When you arrive in the UK to start work you must register with the Home Office Worker Registration scheme. Your Welfare Officer will provide the application form and the guidance notes to complete the form.
You must also register with your local Jobcentreplus to obtain a National Insurance (NI) number. Your Welfare Officer will tell you where your nearest Jobcentreplus office is and can help you with the process of obtaining an NI number.

As an EEA Citizen you are entitled to free healthcare in the UK. You should take time to register with a local doctor; your Welfare Officer can tell you which is your nearest doctor.

Your new Town or City
We will provide you with information about the areas in which you are going to live; this will include details of the local churches and community centres, shops, sports centres, schools and colleges and other information of local interest. Your local The Fresh Start Group Office will have a map of the local area and details of places to visit in your spare time.
At The Fresh Start Group we care that you become part of the community in the UK and want you to share in every aspect of our lives.