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Enabling The Power of Human Potential

We understand that companies want faster, smarter ways to develop their talent, and as a candidate you want to be as prepared as you can for your next career opportunity.

Fresh Start Learning enables our candidates to easily access formal, informal, and social learning opportunities through on line learning. We offer a range of development opportunities that will help you to succeed in your new role.

We know that content is key, and that the effectiveness of any learning programme, and its ability to motivate and engage people depends on the learning content. Without quality content, learning initiatives fail to meet both business and personal requirements.

Our learning portfolio includes:

·                              Fresh Start Medical English language development program - A powerful, flexible program a comprehensive system for delivering and managing learning programmes that include tests and assessments, eLearning, instructor-led training, and social learning.

·                              Fresh Start core competency awareness program-Led by a team of professional learning consultants from within the healthcare industry that have a reputation for quality, creativity and happy customers. The team creates custom developed eLearning courses, tests, games and assessment tools for a range of private sector organisations. Its expertise covers a broad range of skills and topics from induction and health & safety through to compliance and leadership training.


·                              Fresh Start bespoke training- we are happy to develop training to support the needs of our candidates as individuals or our clients to meet the needs of a group.


Aleksandra (Ola)

Hi I'm Aleksandra, I'm from Łódź in Poland, and I have worked with The Fresh Start Group since our launch in 2007. I manage our team of English language trainers across Europe and our training process at our residential training center in Lodz. I am a qualified nurse and work closely with our client’s managers in the UK and make a point of personally visiting a range of facilities in the UK so that I can add reality and practicality to our training programs. I am qualified to UK and EU standards in all core competencies to deliver the range of programmes.
Development is very important when you're starting a new career, it gives you an overview of future duties and responsibilities as well as more confidence in your first days of your new position.. I work very closely with your employer to ensure you meet a high standard during your induction. All the sessions are run in English. It is therefore very important for me to ensure a positive and supportive atmosphere during the course. It is my first priority to provide you with best possible learning conditions so that you can concentrate on gaining new knowledge and experience. I aim to tailor the material to your individual needs and make sure you have fun while you learn!