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 Fresh Start is led by a highly experienced Leadership Team with a track record of success and deep expertise in the talent management industry. The team reflects our diverse and global culture, with representatives living and working in many parts of Europe, including UK, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Estonia, Spain and Italy.


Hi I am Debbie and I work closely with the clients in the UK and our recruitment and Training teams in Europe to bring together the whole process for both clients and candidates.

With over 28 years’ within the talent resourcing industry I am very active within the whole recruitment cycle and continue to secure, manage and deliver campaigns of varying size and complexity, from one-off assignments to large projects covering multiple roles, locations and countries. Alongside this I mentor and support my teams, clients and candidates and assist them to achieve and believe in their own career aspirations and developing their own success stories.

 As a talent resource team we work closely together at every stage of the recruitment process. We focus on doing our best to make sure we provide you with a high quality service. We want our candidates to feel comfortable and secure as we know how important it is when moving to a different country, to this end we work closely before offer, during interview and after the candidate has started in their new role, offering support, guidance and training.